Individual entrepreneurs and corporations alike are looking for the next „successful” idea, that will boost their marketing. Some steal ideas, copy them, spying on competitors or adapting something they see in other markets, different fields of activity. Efficient marketing equals immunity to external factors. Marketing mistakes may be suicidal, especially repeated ones. Such mistakes act like spies, who drain out your resources and waste time. How do they look like?

Marketing mistakes

1. Focusing on multiple target audiences, spreading too thin, trying to solve every problem for every consumer, to fulfil all needs, to fit all sizes – that is such a frequent, yet, somehow, irresistible error. What do you do best? What do people praise you for? Stick to that! Focus on your one talent that is most difficult for others to replicate. Make it your number one priority, your famous solution, one of a kind.

2. Uniqueness is hard to define, when your are facing the mirror in a tight close up. Ask others around you to tell you what is it that they like about you. Ask people you trust, friends, long-time customers, experts in your specialization (journalists, for example). Try to contain the definition of your uniqueness in one sentence, write it down and refine it, until it becomes clear, beneficial and honest.

3. Use a system, rather than unpredictable, always shifting marketing and sales approaches. Generate leads, on one end, care for the existing customers, on the other, look at the attrition rate and check all the reasons clients stop returning. Go the extra mile, add anything that makes them happy and keeps you profitable. Keep in touch with them, turn them into advocates, remove any frictions they feel when they want to buy from you.

4. Figure out the difference between price and value. Lately, so many businesses focus on price and discounts. Buyers seem to always look for cheaper deals and bargains, how can you fight that? There is only so much room for discount, before you lose everything. What is the difference between „price” and „value”? Once you figure that out and tell it to your customers, you win. Test all price options, always be researching, never set a price, just because that is what competitors charge. Remember: You are unique! (see point 2 above).

5. What is your title? Do you open your advertising campaign with a catchy phrase, that is direct, honest and clear? Do you make your audience „tick”? What is the reaction you get? How do you know that? You know, when you meet someone new, in just a few seconds you „feel” that person. Is it a good impression or not? It depends on smell, looks, voice and many other small details.

Once you have these 5 things under control, improvements follow. That will give you courage to build more. Make it easy for more buyers to choose you over your competitors. When you think you need more help, call us! Waiting too long is costly!