What is the connection between our genes & our mood?

A balanced, calm, happy person is one who has everything: fame, fortune, love… but how many rich people, famous or surrounded by loving family and fans are really balanced, calm, happy? Why would they be sad, depressed or anxious, since they have it all? Maybe there is something in their genes…

Yes, there is a connection between our genes and our mood! Sometimes, without an explanation, a bad mood kicks in. So powerful, even overwhelming, that some people feed it with bad memories, alcohol, drugs or even worse… all of them. There seems to be no escape, no explanation. It even becomes regular, it sets in for the long haul and the people around start worrying, whispering, wondering how they could help.

So, what is the connection between our genes and our mood?

Recent discoveries come with revolutionary answers and solutions for recovery. First, they found plenty of explanations. Once we have the explanations, we can act based on them and fight back bad moods. The good news: you can fight them back forever, into oblivion! How can someone be forever balanced, calm, happy, without being super rich and famous?

There is one answer for each unique, awesome and happy person waiting to be brought to light from the mystery hidden in the secret code of personal genes. You are unique, your code is unique and the solutions for your problems are one of a kind, buried in your genetic data.

Maybe you feel predisposed to mood problems, or perhaps a doctor even told you so, how could you check that? And how could you fight that back? We love being surrounded by happy people and we love helping you to be happy for the long haul. Be more balanced, less stressed. Improve your mental health and forget anxiety. Use our mood supplements!

You might wonder by now “What genes are important to check to know if I might benefit from a mood supplement?” Glad you asked! One answer is “the TENM4 gene, also known as ODZ4”. It influences how you respond to stress and fear. Your lifestyle and everyday function of the brain is regulated by the TCF4 gene. There is much more to know and we can help you discover solutions and answer based on your genetic data.

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